The trainer was a pleasure. She made the classes more enjoyable by her amount of knowledge on each unit and her approachable manner. Always willing to help - Nicole P

My training has taught me how to look at things from a different perspective when handling issues within my job role- Emma K

I went to a higher pay rate as soon as i received my qualification - Janine C

My trainer Gina Scuffins was great. She has a wealth of experience and delivers it in an interesting and informative manner - Greame R

I really enjoyed studying with Customised Training as my training was local and we had interesting class discussions - Paula S

Studying with Customised Training gave me the opportunity to meet new people - Anna B

The flexibility of the training schedule works well for me and my family - Augustine U

My trainer was encouraging and supportive - Sharon G

I would do this training all over again, teacher was fantastic - Kathleen R

My course will definitely be able to assist in future positions - Caroline B

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"...From the first point of contact, with Janet when we chatted about the Advanced Diploma to now, your professionalism has been exemplary. You have been flexible, generous, incredibly helpful and willing to put up with my million and one questions, always with a smile..."

- Julia -

 “… I was very impressed with Customised Training’s approach to training. They listened to our needs, did what they said they would and made the whole process straightforward..."

- Nicki Malherbe -
Bay Building Group

“This Unit helped me recognise the importance of having a balanced life. To be looking for opportunities to learn new skills and enhance the ones that I have.”

- Student Quote -

“Thanks to trainer for her support through this module and encouraging me to continue with this qualification. Much appreciated”

- Student Quotes -

“Enjoying the course, have enrolled for another so am excited about that. Great trainer too".

- Student Quote -

"The training has been very helpful in understanding the contents not to mention the way the unit is being delivered which is easy to understand and I am able to ask questions and additional help when needed.”

- Student Quote -

“The group discussion in the classroom provided me with ideas on how to tackle some of these questions. The class was very beneficial and open during the discussion.”

- Student Quote -

“The Trainer is approachable, always provides positive and constructive feedback and encourages students to ask questions, seek support to succeed.”

- Student Quote -

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“Enjoying the course, have enrolled for another so am excited about that. Great trainer too".

- Student Quote


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