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At Customised Training our students  and their employers are, and always have been the inspiration behind what we do.  

You see, at Customised Training we know the responsibilities associated with living in the ‘real world’. We know that you are only human and that there are going to be days when you feel like the world is on your shoulders and your study is the last thing you want to be doing. We know what it’s like to have to juggle study with family and/ or demanding work commitments and we know how hard it is to change careers and/ or return to work. And most of all we want you to be successful in your training and your career!

Sounds a little cliché  we know, but the fact that  we are one of the few private registered training organisations left who will endeavour to go anywhere at any time to fit in with your training needs, and customise your training plan and materials to suit your individual needs, speaks volumes.

Set up in early 2003 in the spare room of our Principals house, Customised Training has over the years emerged as a leader in the Community Services field due in large part to the types of people it employs.

Empathetic and patient, we firmly believe that all of our students need constant support and mentoring during the length of their training program. Which isn’t to say that we will be in your face and in your pocket every step of the way, rather that we are there if you need us, you just have to ask. 

Which is why each one of our fabulous industry current trainers is supported by their very own support crew of student support officers and course advisors, back at head office. It also explains why we are believed to have the highest rate of student completion in the state, at 97%.

At Customised Training we figuratively live, eat and breathe Community Services, Childcare, Education Support and Disability. Our nationally recognised qualifications are supported by industry specific professional development workshops and we deliver the bulk of our training in-service at your workplace.

Sure there’s been a couple of things that have changed over the years, for a start, the office is no longer full of babies and family pets no longer sleep at our feet, but we still subscribe to the same core community values and beliefs that we started out with, way back then.

Amongst those and pivotal to our success is the belief that you, as the student or the employer, are the most important part of the equation and that together as a team, it’s our job to get you to where you want to be.

So, contact us today, we’re always up for a chat.


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"The training has been very helpful in understanding the contents not to mention the way the unit is being delivered which is easy to understand and I am able to ask questions and additional help when needed.”

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