It’s not Christmas yet….

by Pauline Caruana

Over the last few weeks Christmas decorations have started appearing in shops, people have started commenting that it’s only 8 weeks to Christmas and someone even attached a USB Christmas Tree to their computer in our office.  For some businesses and workplaces, Christmas is the busiest time of year and for others, like Customised Training, it’s a time when we take a break and recharge with our friends and family in readiness for the coming year.  So is it nearly Christmas and is it time to start winding down?

My answer is not quite and here’s why.  When looking towards Christmas, we can approach it with a glass half full or a glass half empty approach and I’d like to recommend the first option.  So here’s exactly how much time is left in most workplaces until Christmas (based on finishing on the 23rd December):

  • 8 weeks
  • Approximately 40 working days (depending on whether you take an extra long Melbourne Cup weekend)
  • Approximately 320 working hours
  • There’s a lot that could be accomplished in this time….here’s some suggestions:
  • You could survey your customers and/or staff and get valuable information about what you can improve and how you can meet their needs
  • You could do a small project, finish off a project or plan projects for next year
  • You could finish some units that you are studying or maybe even finish your qualification
  • You could strengthen a working relationship with your colleague, boss, employee or customer
  • You could set goals and plan for 2015

To do these things and more and really squeeze the most out of time leading up to Christmas will take focus and time management.  Here’s some time management tips that you might want to try from around the net:

  1. The Time Management Ninja suggests taking care of your calendar each day and talks of 5 mistakes that can be avoided in order to keep in control of your appointments, meetings and still have time to do the important work. 
  2. Strategy 5 in this Lifehack article suggests “time boxing” which involves setting a time allowance for each task based on the theory that tasks will take however much time is allotted to it.
  3. Finally, if you need some stress-free productivity, set aside 20 minutes to watch this video from David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done.

So here’s to getting things accomplished in the next 8 weeks and a great lead-up to Christmas!

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