Right role? Right Movie?

A few years ago, Kylie Bartlett, also known as the Web Celeb, came and talked to us at Customised Training about excellence in the workplace.  During this workshop Kylie, she spoke about our taking control of our own success and consciously choosing to be positive, enthusiastic and committed at work.  She used an analogy that I’ve never forgotten and compared the roles of actors in movies to roles that we play as employees in organisations and it’s that analogy that I will explore further in this movie.

Sometimes in a workplace we find ourselves frustrated, negative and unhappy.  When this happens you may feel some of the following:

  • Low motivation and energy
  • Stressed
  • Critical of your colleagues
  • Critical of the workplace and the way its managed
  • Unwilling to be part of solutions 
  • Just want to do your job and go home

Whilst we probably all go through periods of time where we feel things like this temporarily and it starts to last for months or even years, it’s time to take control. There are things that we can’t control in life, but we can control the job we do and where we work.  I’m not saying that this is instant or easy but it’s definitely possible and the only person who can take control of these things for us is ourselves.

So are you in the right role?  Your role at work, just like an actor in a movie, is the part you play in the workplace.  It’s not only your core profession such as administrator, educator, builder, salesperson, politician etc. but the actual job you’ve taken.  So let’s use the role of an administrator as an example.  An administrator can choose to be a receptionist, a personal assistant, support a sales team etc.  They can also choose a role with little chance for advancement or a role with lots of potential and opportunity for promotion.  So if you’re not happy in your job, ask yourself if you’re in the right role?  If not, is there someone that you can talk to such as your manager or someone in HR who can help you plan for and work towards a new role within your workplace?  

And are you in the right movie?  If you’ve looked at your role and that’s not the source of your unhappiness, perhaps you need to consider whether you’re like an actor who’s chosen the right role but it’s in the wrong movie.  Maybe your role is right but the workplace you’re in is not right for you for some reason.  Perhaps the workplace is toxic for some reason but more often than not, it’s just not suited to you.  Culture is something that may be a mismatch for you, perhaps you’re a person who prefers to work on their own but your workplace is more collaborative.  Perhaps your workplace is a place that makes widgets that you think are pointless and you’d rather do the same type of job but in a workplace that does something that you find more meaningful.  And perhaps, it’s just the size of the workplace, maybe you prefer the closeness of a smaller workplace or the anonymity of a large workplace.  Only you can answer if you’re in the right workplace for you.

Regardless of what you decide about your “role” and the “movie” you’re in, take charge and take control.  In the article Nurse Reveals Top 5 Regrets People Make On Their Deathbeds, the number one regret was “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me”.  Don’t let that be you, don’t have regrets – if you’re in the wrong role or wrong workplace then it’s time to move forward positively for a change.

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