Say yes, then learn how to do it later…

Someone recently forwarded me the above image (source unknown) and I shared it because it resonated with me and apparently with many others too, judging by the number of “likes” the image received.

The reason I like the quote is that it’s an answer to another quote which I dislike; Fake it to you make it.  In both quotes, an opportunity is perceived or given and then seized – the difference is what you do with this opportunity later.  The two options are to “fake it” or “learn how to do it”.

Here’s three reasons why “learn how to do it” wins out over “fake it”:

Learning it raises your confidence

If you ask people what makes them feel confident when undertaking public speaking, very often they’ll say it’s knowing their subject matter.  This applies for most opportunities too, the only people who can confidently seize an opportunity without knowing how to do it are probably con artists.  Learning how to do will mean that you’ll know about or how to do what is required and you’ll be rewarded with confidence as result.

Learning it broadens your perspective

Often when opportunities come along, you will have little knowledge of what they truly involve.  This means that you will need to learn more about the details of the opportunity. More than likely you will be stretched outside of your comfort zone and gain a new perspective into a new field, someone else’s job role or skills required that you didn’t even know existed.  

No matter how experienced you may be, there’s always something new to learn.  Take the example of our student, Christine Allan, who spoke about doing a course with us and having the unexpected bonus of learning something more than she first expected.   She says ”I have recently completed  a Certificate IV Training & Assessment course with Customised Training as a VERY mature aged student” and then went on to say, “An added and unforeseen bonus was having to learn some new computer skills, which I have also embraced with enthusiasm. “  You can read more of her story here.

Learning it raises your likelihood of success

Faking it can only go so far, it might get you in the door but how long will you be able to continue to fake it?  Let’s face it, most opportunities are going to require you have certain skills and knowledge.  Skills and knowledge are very difficult to fake so in order to be successful, you will need to learn these.  Once you have the skills and knowledge you need, it’s very likely that you will be successful because you are able to do the right things including knowing when you need to call upon others who have more knowledge and skills than you do!
One final thought in regards to the learning approach to opportunities.  Learning it rather faking it allows you to live a more authentic life of integrity.  You can approach the days with more confidence and peace knowing that you’ve put in the hard work of preparation and learning and knowing that there’s no shame in needing to learn!

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