28 Day Early Childhood Leadership Mentoring Program

In recent years, an increased focus has been shone on the need for high quality leadership and management in Early Childhood services.

Strong leadership and management results not only deliver quality early childhood education and care, but also addresses the other vital aspects of the organisation including HR, marketing, finances, continuous improvement and more.

Ultimately, leadership needs to have the outcome of raising the quality of environments where children's learning and development is a priority (NQS Quality Area 7). And increasingly, Early Childhood Managers and Leaders are under pressure to do all of this whilst ensuring that budgets are met so that their services thrive in a financially stable manner.

There's never been a more important time to develop your leadership strengths.


Program overview

The 28 day Early Childhood Leadership Mentoring Program has been specifically designed for all early childhood educators, who, in their roles as leaders face an almost constant struggle of competing priorities.
The primary objective of this program is to mentor participants to grow in their leadership skills and focus in on what's important to their service, and then work out the most effective and resourceful way to get the job done.

  • Participants will set their own priority area and these may include:
  • Increased occupancy of your service
  • Resolving challenges with staff
  • Achieving a better balance between your personal and professional life
  • Write a book, blog or editorial piece outlining your progress
  • Making time to work on continuous improvement, and
  • Raising the professionalism and skills of your team

As is the case with any training initiative, the benefits of this program are in direct proportion to the amount of time and energy an individual invests into the curriculum. For this reason we have tailored this program to fit in around your individual needs and believe our unique method of delivery will benefit even the most time poor of leaders.


We understand that your time is limited so we've designed the program with the needs of busy leaders in mind. Each day, calling upon the benefits of reflective practice, you will receive leadership mentoring that will enable you to achieve your goals, get results and move you to the next level in a way that respects your time.

Personal phone mentoring sessions will be provided weekly and you will have access to an exclusive online group where you will meet other professionals like yourself who are participating in the program. 

Program coaches

The 28 day Early Childhood Leadership Mentoring Program is delivered by Early Childhood specialists who each have more than 10 years experience in Early Childhood and have all worked in senior management positions as Centre Directors/Managers. They each hold skills and knowledge relevant to both the Early Childhood sector as well as in coaching and mentoring and will help participants to identify their priorities, train them to concentrate on what is essential and then guide them to achievement in this area.

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 “… I was very impressed with Customised Training’s approach to training. They listened to our needs, did what they said they would and made the whole process straightforward..."

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