5 Reasons to Work With Great People

I’m a strong believer in surrounding myself with a diverse group of great people in life and particularly at work.  Building a team made up of great people takes time and effort which is an investment that pays high dividends.  Team building is never a waste of time and is not a tired business cliché.  Great people aren’t just people in your team or your business, they’re also people in your network, people that you do business with and people in your community.  Here’s my five reasons for surrounding yourself with great people:

1. They are technical experts

No matter how good you are at your job, no matter how long you’ve been in your business, no matter how qualified you are, it’s impossible to know everything in every aspect of your work.  Great people are specialists in their field no matter whether they are receptionists, accountants, tradespeople etc.  Great people are often more talented and skilled than you and are happy to share their skills and knowledge.

2. They are current

Closely related to number 1, great people are current in their field, they know what’s new, what the trends are, what’s emerging, they have ideas and they share this information with you.  This means you can keep one step ahead of your competitors, you can develop new initiatives for your business and move with the times.

3. They save you time

Great people work hard, really hard, which doesn’t necessarily mean long hours but they are 100% committed and focused on business during working hours.  You don’t have to check up on them although you do spend time working with them and investing in them.  Great people don’t waste time debating whether it’s their job, they just get on with the job.

4. They look out for you

Great people look out for your best interests.  They let you know when something needs attention, is not going to plan, is likely to become a problem and they give you plenty of notice.  Usually they are able to suggest a well thought out solution or strategy as well.  If you are about to make a mistake or need to attend to something, great people give you the heads up.

5. They make the days enjoyable

Great people make the long hours spent at work enjoyable with their sense of humour, their exceptional communication and people skills.  Great people also have great values and can be trusted all the time.  Great people are ‘can do’ and easy to do business with’people.

I’m incredibly grateful for the many great people in my working life and I’m sure there are many more reasons to work with great people than what I’ve listed here….what do you think? Do you have any more reasons to add to the list?

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