Is the Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management Beneficial for ECEC Managers?

The Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services was deleted from the national training register in June 2017. Since then many people are wondering if the CHC62015 – Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management is really suitable for those working in the early childhood sector. And is it beneficial for current or aspiring early childhood directors and managers?

And the answer really is, it depends….

What is your reason for studying? What skills and knowledge do you need?

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When we speak to early childhood professionals about the prospect of studying the Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management, we need to know the reasons for their interest.

If you want to develop further knowledge in early childhood development, teaching and curriculum, then the Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management won’t be suitable for you.

If however, you want to grow in your ability, skills and knowledge in leadership and management, then the Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management is worth considering further.

And let’s face it, often when you become an early childhood director or manager, you may have a Diploma and be good at your job working with children and perhaps leading a team but you often don’t have very much business, leadership or management training and experience. And once you’re in the role of a director or manager, aren’t these the very skills you need in order to complement what you already know in early childhood?

If you’re motivation is purely financial and you hope to receive a pay rise by completing this qualification, check with your employer or desired employers to see if this will be the case.

And finally, consider is where you see your career as an early childhood professional heading. Are you likely to pursue the path in management, perhaps as an Operations Manager or an Area Manager? Or do you want to remain more “hands on”, working with children directly?

What leadership and management topics are covered?

The Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management includes units addressing:

  • Legal and ethical compliance
  • Leading a team
  • Diversity
  • Risk
  • Change
  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • Quality frameworks
  • Finances
  • Policies
  • Professional practice
  • Networks and collaborative partnerships
  • Promoting the service

As you’ve probably noticed, all these topics apply to early childhood settings. In fact, you’ll notice that most of these same topics are addressed within the National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework.

How do I find out more?

We recommend doing some thorough research as follows:

    1. Talk to colleagues within your professional network – have they undertaken the Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management? What is there opinion about the benefits and the pros and cons of this qualification for them? Does there experience relate to your situation? What can you learn from your colleagues’ reflections on their study?
    2. Talk to several training providers – what is their experience relating to the early childhood sector? Even though the qualification is not specifically early childhood related, are the trainers experienced in this field that help contextualise your studies? What are the study modes offered? What is the cost? Is there funding available? How long will the qualification take to complete? Do they offer electives that are applicable to early childhood specifically? Can the trainer come to your workplace to see you or to train a small group of people? Do they offer online training?
    3. Download a free course outline
    4. Speak to one of our Course Advisorsphone 1300 275 282 or live chat with them during business hours to discuss your specific needs and whether this qualification could be right for you. And don’t worry…there’s no obligation and we don’t use pushy sales techniques!

Good luck with your research and whatever you decide to, we wish you all the best in your early childhood education career! We commend your interest in ongoing professional development and we’ll leave you with the words of Paulo Coelho who said:

When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.