Book Ideas to Inspire You These Holidays

With the rise of social media and the ongoing popularity of video, do you find yourself reading less books than you used to? Holidays and long weekends can be a good opportunity to reconnect with books and enjoy some advertisement-free and distraction-free reading! Perhaps you just need some book ideas to inspire you to get started…


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Rather than give you a list of specific books to choose from (although there are plenty of those available online), here’s a list of genres or categories of books that might interest you. Perhaps you could try something that is completely different to anything you’ve ever read before.

  • Career Books
  • Biographies or memoirs
  • Novels
  • How-to books
  • Health books
  • Self-help books 
  • Guides or How-Tos
  • Health
  • Travel
  • History
  • Spirituality
  • Science
  • True Crime
  • Reference books such as atlases, encyclopaedias or thesauruses
  • Textbooks or Subject Matter books
  • Children’s and young adult books to share with your family

Once you’ve found a genre of interest, it’s simply a matter of heading to an online or offline bookshop or library and start browsing until something takes your interest. One advantage of going to a bookshop or library in person is that there will be staff who can help you with book ideas and to find what you are looking for. Many bookshops and libraries also provide reviews from other readers which can also assist with making your decision.


Customised Training Book Ideas to Inspire You











Whether you choose your chosen book in electronic or print form, we hope you enjoy your reading.  Perhaps you’ll be inspired to do more reading and maybe even as part of undertaking a nationally accredited qualification. If that’s something of interest to you, find more details about our qualifications here.

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