10 Easy Christmas Crafts for People of All Abilities

For people who are supporting adults who may be ageing or who have a disability, here are some Christmas crafts for people of all abilities. These ideas will help with your program planning so that everyone can have the opportunity to be creative this holiday season.

1. Paint Chip Christmas Cards

This idea is budget friendly and can be used on a canvas as a picture as well as a card.

Customised Training Crafts Elderly Disability


2. Scrap Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornament

Recycled fabric strips or ribbon could make an environmentally friendly option for this project. Collecting sticks from a park or garden add an extra shared experience for this project.

Customised Training Christ Crafts Elderly Disability

3. Fingerprint Christmas Cards

Although this project was written with children in mind, it could also be a suitable craft for people of all ages and abilities. Adapt it to suit the participants in your program.

Customised Training Christmas Craft Aged Care

4. Christmas Tree Garland

Although there isn’t any instructions for this project, you can easily use the picture as a guide to make a cupcake paper garland.Customised Training Christmas Aged Care Craft

5. Tree Ornament

Here’s a project that could be decorated with what you have on hand in your craft supplies.

Customised Training Christmas Craft Disability

6. Hessian (Burlap) Reindeer Ornament

Buy some hessian from a craft shop or recycle some old fabric for this craft project.

Customised Training Disability Christmas Craft















7. Star Ornament

8. Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Go to the park to collect pine cones or buy them at a craft store and then paint and decorate them with cheap or on-hand craft supplies.

Customised Training Aged Care Disability Christmas Craft

9. Jute String Ornaments

Pick up some cheap string from your local discount or hardware store for these Christmas ornaments and decorate as you choose.

Customised Training Craft Christmas All abilities

10. Snowflake Ornament

Customised Training Disability Aged Care All Abilities Christmas Crafts









So that’s it… 10 Christmas Craft Activities for adults of all abilities. We hope you find one or two ideas of interest for your program or group and can adapt these Christmas crafts for all abilities to suit.

If you are working in aged care, leisure and health or disability (or wish to start a career in one of these fields), we have the nationally accredited qualifications you need. Call our Course Advisors for more information and a no-obligation discussion of your needs on 1300 275 282.

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