Fun family things to do on holiday

During the holidays, it can be tricky to get the balance right between keeping your children from getting bored and doing too much so that you are exhausted as parents. So here to help is a list of fun family things to do on holiday…









With these activities, you’ll also be learning and growing together which is a great way to strengthen your family bond:

  • Plan, build and plant a veggie or herb garden 
  • Visit a museum 
  • Run your own mini MasterChef or Kitchen Rules competition
  • Join in the activities run by your local council or shopping centre
  • Watch a Youtube video about how to make or do something and then do it together
  • Go on an adventure on a train to somewhere you’ve never been before
  • Create a puppet show or talent show and invite your friends, family and neighbours to attend
  • Take photos and make scrapbooks or funny stories using the photos
  • Save all your packaging such as milk cartons, gift bags and cereal boxes and create a miniature city out of them
  • Collect some stones or rocks and paint them with acrylic paints
  • Go on a bike ride together
  • Go to the beach and take a surfing lesson together
  • Volunteer for a local charity or community organisation
  • Make a cubby house tent out of sheets and have an picnic inside it
  • Create a illustrated holiday journal or diary
  • Make an obstacle course in the backyard or at a park or playground and take videos of the family doing it
  • Go to your local library, borrow some books (and find out what else is available too) and join any activities on offer
  • Pick another country and learn about it’s culture and cook a meal using their recipes
  • Find some home science experiments on Youtube and try them together
  • Go to an indoor trampoline park
  • Make kites and fly them
  • Visit someone you haven’t seen in a while or someone who might be lonely
  • Go on a bush walk
  • Camp outside in the backyard and look at the stars together
  • Play some board games

We hope you have a great time trying out some of these activities and really enjoy your time together as a family these holidays! And don’t forget also that you can include other relatives such grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins too.

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