20 Factors To Consider When Choosing a Leadership Program For Your Team

Choosing a leadership program that is right for your team requires research and planning. Here are 20 considerations to support you through the selection process:

  1. Do you require the leadership training program to be accredited? (For example, BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management or CHC62015 Advanced Diploma of Management) 
  2. Does the leadership training program need to be industry specific? For example, the has elective streams specifically tailored for the Early Childhood and Disability sectors. 
  3. What is your budget? Do you need to find a program that will attract or be supplemented by Government funding? 
  4. What length of leadership program are you looking? A one day in-service or a 1 year in-depth training course? 
  5. What are the leadership knowledge and skills gaps within your team? What knowledge and skills do you want your team to develop? 
  6. Will the participants be able to attend the leadership during regular working hours or will they need to attend after hours? If during regular working hours, will backfill be required to cover these positions? 
  7. What is the background of your team? Do they have other qualifications? What level are these qualifications typically? How does this inform your choice of leadership program? 
  8. Will the leadership program require participants to do project work or homework? If so, how much? How will you manage this? 
  9. What do your team expect or want to achieve through participating in the program? Do you have their buy-in? 
  10. What is the experience and success rates of the training or program providers that you are considering? What is their track record and reputation? Can they give you referrals to past clients? 
  11. What units or topics or content are covered in the leadership program? Is it a detailed program or a more general, inspirational type of program? 
  12. Do you need to get the buy-in, permission and/or participation of higher management or the owners of an organisation? Are they committed to the success of the program and the development of upcoming leaders within the organisation? 
  13. How will you follow up and measure the success of the leadership program? 
  14. Who will attend the leadership program? Is it voluntary or targeted to specific job roles? Is there an application process? 
  15. How will you ensure that the content of the leadership program is put into action in your organisation and bring about the change you’re looking for? 
  16. Are the leadership program providers experienced in working with your industry? Do they have enough experience to be credible and to be able to enrich the training with real-life, current case stories, anecdotes and examples? 
  17. Does the program allow for the privacy and confidentiality of the participants? If they share a weakness or a concern will it be treated in a supportive manner both in the training and back in the workplace? 
  18. Do you require the program or learning materials to be customised or branded to your organisation? 
  19. What is included in the cost of the program? Are other resources such as venue, refreshments, learning materials, graduation celebrations included? 
  20. What specifically do you want your leaders to be able to do and achieve? 

To discuss the leadership program needs of your Early Childhood, Disability, Aged Care or Community Services team further and to find out if our leadership qualifications could be right for your organisation, contact our Course Advisors today on 1300 275 282.