10 Great Gifts for Students

If you know an adult student, you’ll know it takes considerable effort and time to juggle studying with other life priorities. Like us at Customised Training, you are probably proud of their hard work and commitment. So here is a list of great gifts for students to show your appreciation for what they’re doing:

  1. A frame or art – it could be an inspiring quote or a piece of art (bought or home made) to liven up a desk, study area or office.
  2. Coffee or tea – choose a gourmet treat or the student’s favourite beverage to have as a break during study sessions.
  3. Diary or planner – most of our students are already working and often have family commitments so planning is essential.
  4. Bag – how about a new bag that the student can take to class?
  5. Desk – many of our students tell us they don’t have somewhere of their own to study so what about a desk of their very own? Choose one that suits  a quiet and uninterrupted area of their home.
  6. Office chair – kitchen chairs and couches just weren’t designed for study sessions so a student or office chair is sure to be appreciated.
  7. Stationery – whether its a notebook, pen, sticky notes or folders, choose something that matches the student’s career choice, favourite colour or style.
  8. Plant – real or artificial for the student’s desk or study area. Real plants are said to improve productivity.
  9. Clock – help your student keep track of time with a new desk or wall clock for their study space.
  10. Day out or holiday – everyone needs a break sometimes so choose something to suit the student, the time available and your budget!

All the best as you select your gifts for students! No doubt they will be very appreciative of your thoughtfulness!

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