Community Services and Health Industry Environmental Scan

Registered training organisations (RTOs) are required to continually adapt to the changing needs of industries and organisations. As the pace of change accelerates the quality of the information and the communication channels becomes increasingly important.  At the local level the advice from employers, client organisations, associations, local and state governments and customers is vital. At the industry level information from the Industry Skills Councils is also important.   The Community Services and Health  Industry Skills Councils (CSHISC) Environmental Scan was recently released and can be accessed from here.

The CSH Environmental Scan identifies the macro and micro factors currently effecting the skill needs of the workforce and its composition, it considers how well the national training system, its products and services, and industry itself are responding. The report is based on research and advice from employer stakeholders  representing the various sectors such as child care, disability and health.

The CSH industry faces many challenges including continuing strong and changing service demand, uncertainty in the policy environment, the need for better data for decision making,  gaps in the supply of sufficient and appropriately skilled workers, difficulties in the recruitment and retention of staff and  factors limiting training capacity, including the lack of placement and conflicting training priorities between federal  and state governments.

The report puts the case for a national community services and health workforce development plan  addressing these needs. Future postings will address aspects of the report in more detail. In the meantime all organisations involved in CSH service provision are advised to review the document to identify  the emerging needs, government policy directions and, potentially, new opportunities.

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