Info for employers

Info for employers

Customised Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) delivering training across greater Melbourne and throughout regional Victoria.

Customised Training serves businesses in the children’s services, disability, community services, education support, training and assessment, business industry sectors.

Customised Training understands the demands of business and the complexities of training. We recognise businesses need to maximize their investment in training and minimize interruptions to business operations.
Over time we have developed a suite of services and delivery methods to do just that.

  •  A willingness to understand your businesses needs
  •  Experience and innovation
  •  A complete end to end training solution customised  to your business needs*
  •  A dedicated customer relationship manager
  •  Direct access to expert trainers
  •  Value for money.

Training is a business investment. Research indicates many benefits accrue for individuals and businesses with highly trained workforces. These include:

  • Higher levels of productivity
  • Higher levels of engagement
  • Improved staff morale and satisfaction
  • Improved management skills
  • Better staff retention
  • Better service provision.

In short our people, our approach and our credibility.

Our people

Our people are experts in their field. Our trainers have a passion to share their skills, they have extensive and relevant workforce experience with up-to-date knowledge and skills.


Firstly, we recognise the increasing demand for staff who are highly skilled, flexible, adaptable, able to work within a team and autonomously.

Secondly, we provide an integrated end to end service: from understanding the need through to solution design, resources development, delivery and evaluation.

Thirdly, we are a committed to excellence in customer service and training delivery.


As with any service, the customers’ views carry most weight.

Overwhelmingly our business customers and students are satisfied with their experience. In 2014, 90% of students indicated they were either satisfied or more than satisfied with their experience at Customised Training.
Industry Knowledge

To provide an effective training program it is imperative we understand your industry needs. Customised Training requires our trainers to maintain their vocational competencies to ensure we offer training that is relevant and effective. Our learning programs are designed in consultation with industry experts.
Assistance in accessing Funding

State and Federal Governments are currently offering significant assistance to individuals and business to ensure we have a skilled workforce for the future. Accessing funding can drive your training dollar further. Customised Training is a contracted Government Funded Training Provider and has a dedicated Course Advisor who can assist in identifying the most appropriate funding for you.
Assessment of Current Skills

Our training analysis of your business includes identifying your employees current skills. Prior to enrolling in our courses individuals will complete a pre-training review that enables us to assess the suitability of the training plan. The assessment includes identification of formal learning known as Credit Transfer and informal learning known as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
Access and Equity

Customised Training is committed to breaking down the barriers that prevent people from accessing vocational education and training. We aim to ensure that people with differing needs and abilities have the same opportunities to successfully gain skills knowledge, and experience through education and training irrespective of age, disability, colour, race, gender, religion, sexuality, family responsibilities, or location. We are committed to identifying and addressing the training needs of everyone and encourage people of all abilities to apply.

Our Course Advisors are available to offer support and assistance to employees wishing to become a trainee or workplaces looking to employee or enter traineeship agreements.