How to find a career where you can really make a difference to people’s lives

According to census data the fastest growing career area is also the one where you CAN make a real difference to the quality of life for other people. As an advocate of positive change for those who can’t deal with many of life’s adversities, a career in Community Services often finds you fighting for the rights of others and representing their interests.

The Community Services field may be for you, if you’re looking for a career where:

  • communication skills and empathy are highly valued
  • you can use your ability to manage difficult situations
  • you can demonstrate discretion whilst maintaining a professional and caring attitude
  • you can support others in difficult and demanding situations
  • you can handle sometimes working at times where people are in need

And the people’s lives for whom you will really make a difference are often those in the most need. Be they the homeless, the elderly, at risk teenagers, struggling families or refugees.  You’ll make an immediate contribution to improving the welfare of vulnerable people.

In return, Community Services career options are many and varied offering a great deal of flexibility. Part time work in some areas of the industry are as common as full time jobs, whilst still offering solid career pathways and ongoing opportunities for advancement.

These job roles are also in demand in rural and regional areas, as much as Australia’s capital cities. This flexibility affords you more lifestyle choices than many other career pathways and provides you with the opportunity to work in varied settings.

If you enjoy helping others, you’ll find this to be a rewarding career option. There are many associations and organisations that watch over and support the industry and one of these, the Australian Community Workers Association, provides a great fact sheet showing the benefits of community work and the relevant career pathways.

Some of the qualities they recommend for Community workers include:

  • deriving satisfaction from helping other people
  • recognising inequality in society and possessing a desire to promote change
  • empowering and educating clients to act on their own behalf

These qualities apply to many different job roles and with over 50 different occupations in the community services industry, there are many ways you can make a difference and many options to progress from a broad based qualification such as the Diploma of Community Services (CHC50215) into specialised areas of expertise.

Better yet when you have found a career like this where you can draw on your natural skills and abilities, it is great to know that taking the time to gain a qualification is highly likely to be a successful investment of your time, especially given that over 250,000 more job roles are opening in this industry in the immediate future. For example Australia needs over 70,000 more Carer’s in Ageing and Disability support,
90,000 personal carers, 10,000 more Welfare support workers and 25,000 Child Care workers.

All these factors mean that in Community Services you have found a career in which opportunities are expanding, wages and conditions are improving, and demand for skilled workers is high.

But better than this your career is entirely focused on improving the quality of life for other people and empowering their ability to act independently. You will be making a real, meaningful and lasting difference for other people – and for yourself.

If you are interested in exploring the options for training for a Community Services career, please contact one of our Course Advisors for a no obligation discussion about your needs.

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